The Grass World!

Welcome to the grass blog a.k.a. how to deal with nonsense!

The Grass World is so far an untold realm in the Great Sphere of Existence. In an interview conducted by pursuedbyabear, our correspondent bears have tried to understand the identity, culture and values that are inherent in the Grass World. We have also tried to understand some of their problems. But since the Bear World cannot deal with its  own problems, and also since we only create more problems for other parallel worlds, our bears have decided not to intervene.

So here are some communities we encountered in our travels in the Grass World. And this is what they had to tell us.


  1. The Uniform Grass

“You want to be a part of us? Go pluck way your flowers, wear dark green outfits and shave your fur.”

– The Grass in my garden





2. Non-Uniform Grass

“We don’t give a damn about color, size and shape differences, cause we are finally nothing but, GRASS!”

– The Grass from my neighbor’s plot



3. The Lonely Grass

“I might be alone, but the fact that I got photographed, came in the web and is being watched by some random person about whom I couldn’t care less, is enough for me to live happily ever after.”

– The Grass from Rameshwaram



4. The Kind of Grass People Send to Their Valentines

“If you gift me to someone because I am red, you are a freaking racist!”

– The Grass from the Trivandrum Museum



5. The Grass Nobody Ever Cared

“Despite making ‘white’ flowers, I am forced to stay on the ground instead of vases and pots. Should’ve born a human!”

– The Grass from my garden, two years ago



6. The Grass Forced Under The ‘Might Is Right’ Regime

              “We are the ones who get eaten by ‘big things’, no matter how peacefully we live.”

– The Mahabalipuram Grass



7. The Grass That Was Never Green

         “Our color is our strength. Move away you green-coated fools!”

– The Grass from Zurich



8. The Blood Sucking Grass

“However tall a tree you are, we will suck your soul, you stupid Jackfruit tree!”

– The Grass on a tree in my neighbors plot



9. The ‘Melt Into The Crowd’ Grass

“We are like the waves, you cannot see the drops of water, but only the whole wave. And that’s the extent of unity we possess.”

– The Grass from another neighbor’s plot



10. The Grass In Chaos/ Revolution/ Political Turmoil

“We are so confused that we don’t even know who we are, were or will be”

– The Grass my dad planted


11. The Satisfied Grass World Citizen

“I have two white daughters, both are getting married to handsome-salaried men. What more can a single mother expect?”

– The Grass from some shady part of Switzerland



12. The Free Grass

       “I have finally found freedom from tyranny and oppression, because I just died”

– The Grass that I plucked today to take this photo




We thank all our readers for having patience to understand and appreciate (maybe) the workings of the Grass World. Let the Grass God watch over you!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Roy says:

    This is effing hilarious. Holy grass XD
    #GoGreen (if you know what i mean? :P)

    Liked by 1 person

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