Can you feel it?

I know it is far from where you come from, but I promise you, it is a beautiful place! Come on, take the risk. What is the worst that can happen? I’ll promise to take you back, alright? Now forget school, home and everything. Let the potato casserole stay in the oven for a couple of minutes more. And let the TV be on. It’s going to be okay. Just come along with me.

See the grass? Well, it is thin actually. The cows just came in here last week and ate a great part of it. It doesn’t matter anyway, they are such darling creatures. Sometimes I lie here just to see them grazing so passionately. It is so amazing!

It’s alright. Climb up. Can you hear the sound of the grass crumbling under your naked feet? Isn’t it beautiful? How do your feet feel now? I know there is wetness in the grass. It’s the dew drops from the night before. Oh have you heard? Last night the aurora was spectacular! The turquoise rays dancing in the starless night sky! Don’t worry, it will show up again. We’ll wait for it tonight.

Do you feel cold? Its the mist in the air. Its pretty cold here at this time of the year. You can barely see the sun. The mist has formed a thick cloud in the atmosphere. See the sunlight scattering through the white mist that covers the hill? It will gone in a few hours as the morning shifts to noon.

Did you hear that distant cry?  But don’t worry about it; it is not a cry for help. That bird with the sea green plumage is happy. He is just singing at the beautiful morning that just opened before his eyes. Some days when it is not so cold, he comes to this meadow. If lucky he might get a worm or two. He is raising three nestlings, so I hear.

Come on, I’ll show you the stream. This stream has rocks in it. And it is the rocks that create the music. I don’t know how, but the pebbles inside are surprisingly round and polished. There’s a tiny silver-eyed fish under those two pebbles. That’s her home right there. Can you see it?

Are you bothered about home? Is it the past that is haunting you? Or is it the future that keeps you from enjoying this morning?

It’s okay. I know your pain. I’ll try to understand the struggle you face each second as your mind recounts the past.  A past which you have painstakingly tried to forget, but that keeps you up every night at 2 am as you stare into the ceiling. It’s okay. Be happy, alright? That colony of rabbits on the other bank of this stream wants you to smile at them. Only with your smile can they proceed to scourge for the day’s victuals.

Wow. Now that’s a very beautiful smile. I’ll never forget it. See? You just smiled. You deserve some strawberries and cake!

And I’ll make sure to gather more strawberries for you next time. Be happy. Are you happy now? Yay! Now, go ahead and get your potato casserole out of the oven!

Before you go I want to tell you that it’s going to be fine. Don’t worry about it, okay? I’ll be right here. In this meadow of happiness, forever waiting for your return.

I shall meet you here.


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