Responsible for the Roses

When the Little Prince came to Earth from his planet, he was surprised to see hundreds of roses in one garden. In his planet, which is tiny, there is only one rose plant. And that too, she had just one flower. For the Little Prince, every rose in the garden seemed as beautiful as the one in his planet. He was disappointed because he believed that his rose was the most beautiful and unique rose in the universe. Lying in the grass, he cried.

Today I was in the garden among the rose plants. My own rose plants that have grown weary with time, flowerless and leafless. The branches have lost its youth and the mud had hardened to the pot leaving little space for the roots to breathe. Being far away with life’s trivial jokes like college, education and career, I could not care for my roses. I guess they all were preparing to vanish from my garden forever. And thereby from the face of earth, only to be a painful memory.

I can’t let that be.

There are millions of roses in the world. There’s the Eden with all fluffy pink petals warming you inside with the soft sight.  The Damask rose apart from all its splendor gives you a chance to make rose water and fine perfume. Oh and have you seen the beach roses? So innocent and abundant!

But I want to tell you that, nothing, nothing in this whole wide world equals the beauty of the rose standing in your garden.

And the reason is as simple as the flower itself, that you have tamed them and they have tamed you. You have watered them every day, ensuring that they never slept with thirst. You have removed those leaf-eating caterpillars from your roses, saving them from being ruined. And it is you who went to the grocer’s to get fertilizers to help your dear plants grow. What have you not done for them? You love your roses.


When the Little Prince realized that his rose was still the unique and the most beautiful rose in the universe, because it belonged to him, he did not feel sad anymore. He was indeed very happy to have had her back in his planet, waiting for his return.

And my roses? Right now they are under the stars, in the cold midnight. While they are out there with the music of the nocturne, I will stay in the brick building that houses me.

“I am responsible for my rose…’ the Little Prince repeated, so as to be sure to remember.

To dear Antoine De Saint-Exupery.

With love.


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