The Tan Loafers of Life

You can actually feel the pain. It is a weird feeling in your chest when you hear something heartbreaking. Its not measurable. Its not even physical. But there is the pain.

I remember having bought a pair of tan loafers. I loved it very much; it was all retro and vintage I could think of. But every time I wore it, my feet hurt. There were blisters and skin cuts. The pain of getting the heels cut made me walk slower than usual in them. But I still loved it very much. It was a feeling of belonging. Of all the seven billion people on earth, these loafers chose me. Or perhaps I chose them.

A week passed, the shoe bites were getting worse. I had to put band aids on my wounds. However, layers of band aids did not improve the situation. There was pain all the time. Best thing about the day was removing the shoes once I returned from the classes.

One day Ranjani saw this and asked about it. I explained the deteriorating state of my heels. And then she says

“You love it, but it hurts you.”

I think it is time to give up these loafers.


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