This post is titled ‘Burn’. This is not about the Ellie Goulding song nor a Marlon Brando movie. This about something that is annoying you right at this moment while you pluck out the sticky t-shirt from the sweaty chest.

Because it’s burning. I am not even kidding. If you are in some other country hoping to explore South India in the next few months, STAY AWAY! What the hell is this weather are you kidding me 38 degree Celsius!  The 2015 floods were a myth.

With the temperature soaring like the tweets against the Snapchat CEO and the hopes of future falling down like my CGPA, I have absolutely no idea what the world is coming to. Global warming? Haha it’s a joke right look who we elected as the US president. Well, a moment of silence to all the people in the world who think that global warming is like the Mayan Calendar’s prophecy about the end of the world.

This summer has become too unbearable that my friends have lost all the charm for dear old Chicken Biriyani. Now it is curd rice three times a day. If there’s no curd rice, they’ll order curd and rice. Too much popularity for bland food because I don’t like curd because I can’t eat curd because I take Allegra which is non-compatible with curd.

Do you remember ‘Frozen’? Hmm not the part where the sisters reconcile at the end but the part where that Olaf guy praises summer?

Bees’ll buzz
Kids’ll blow dandelion fuzz
And I’ll be doing whatever snow does
In summer

A drink in my hand
My snow up against the burning sand
Prob’ly getting gorgeously tanned
In summer

Okay, now you are allowed to laugh.

This summer reminded me of the vacations I used to spend with Ammachy. Ammachy cooks rice in the firewood stove. She gathers all the twigs from the rubber plantation and puts it to the stove one by one depending on the heat requirement. And I use to go sit near it with curiosity. It was fantastic to watch how the rice gets cooked slowly and beautifully.

Enough of the good romantic memories, because this summer feels like sitting beside that fireplace 24*7.

Many centuries back there was a geographical phenomenon known as Mango Showers which we learned about in our geography textbooks. Mango Showers are the spell of rains in summer that ripens the mangoes in South India. Okay enough with the exaggeration, but mango showers were existent till five years ago. What happened to it? Did anyone see it eating peanuts at Besant Nagar because I’m so mad at it for giving up already.

While window shopping at branded clothing stores in Chennai, you see all these categories called ‘winterwear’ and ‘sweaters’. And that my friend is the biggest joke in this city because all people here are sweaters, sweating litres of water every day no matter be it at 6 am or 12 noon. Suryabhagawan is literally abusing humans.

Another moment of silence for all those who are interning in Chennai for the summer and the localites too. I’m having a bad couple of days and I’m sorry for the pessimism. Soon I’ll blog about the best parts of summer. Frankly, summer is my favourite season. Ooooh the mangoes! And the bright skies, romantic as ever. Well, temperature is kinda shitty although. But don’t lose hope. What can be more disheartening than the revelation that veg biriyani is not biriyani.


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